Nature & traditions in the heart of the Albanian Alps (8 d / 7 n)

Albania, also known as "The Last Secret of Europe" or "Pearl of the Balkans" is a country with many assets : fantastic scenery, an unspoiled environment, turquoise blue seas, a rich past and friendly locals.

In this journey we will head north, to the Albanian mountains also called Albanian Alps. Fabulous sceneries await you in this trip: the visit of the capital, crossing the Komani Lake by Ferry and enjoying this trip in a region whose beauty is compared to the Norwegian fjords, three hiking days in the Alps, the discovery of the waterfall and Blue Eye in Theth, four nights spent in guesthouses, being in touch with the culture and the local life and the visit of the cities of Kruja and Shkodra. 



Perfect for mountain lovers in search of landscapes!



Jour 1

Arrival in Tirana


Once arrived at the airport, an Ecotour Albania agent will be there waiting to take you to your hotel.

Night in a 3* hotel in Tirana.

Jour 2

Visit of the capital


We will start your discovery of Albania with a visit of the capital !

A city since 1614 and the capital of Albania since 1920, Tirana is the country's main cultural hub. You will be able to discover a city famous for the colourful facades of its buildings and the harmony between the various religions in the country.

The visit of the National Museum located on Skanderbeg Square will be a nice introduction to the rich Albanian history!


Close to this square, we will be able to see the mosque "Et'hem Bey", which has been preserved for its historical value during the communist era, the opera, the clock tower and the palace of culture. We will then discover the superb Orthodox Cathedral as well as the Catholic Cathedral.

You will also see the pyramid (the Museum of the former dictator, Enver Hoxha) and, weather permitting, you will take a walk in the park of the Artificial Lake of Tirana.


In the evening, we recommend you to enjoy the night life of the capital in the district of Blok: Once reserved to the communist nomenclature is now a trendy neighborhood and the place where you can have a drink or find a nice restaurant to relax after your first day.


Night in a 3* hotel in Tirana.

Jour 3

Crossing the Komani Lake by Ferry and the Valley of Valbone

Valbona, Koman

After an early start, then we head towards the splendid Albanian mountains in the Valbone Valley.

Firstly we will cross the Komani Lake in ferry. This will be a great experience, a journey in the heart of nature with magnificent landscapes compared to the Norwegian fjords. After a 2:30 – 3 hours trip we will reach Valbona Valley, where we will have the opportunity to get to know the inhabitants with whom we will have dinner. 


Night in a guesthouse in Valbone.

Jour 4

Sheepfold of Rama


During this day, we head towards the sheepfold of Rama which is at an altitude of 1800 m. Through this hike of about 3:30 / 4h, we will be again immersed in nature, in the heart of the mountains of Albania. Once there (as a reward to our efforts!) we will have the opportunity to taste the fresh products of the sheep while admiring the beautiful landscape of Albanian Alps. The rest of your day is free at your disposal.

Night in a guesthouse in Valbone..

Jour 5

Heading Theth

Valbona, Theth

"I think any place in the world trodden by man never gave me a grandiose feeling of isolation" Thus Edith Durham (British journalist) described Theth in the 1900s.


Located in the heart of the Albanian Alps, the National Park covers nearly 2,300 hectares.

We start today’s hike at the valbone valley to the village of Theth, passing through the Valbona's neck. This walk of about 6-7 hours in a landscape with postcard –like views will leave you speechless During your hike you will be accompanied by a mule, which will carry your luggage (and children).

Night in a guesthouse in Theth.

Jour 6

Discovery of the canyons and waterfall of Theth


What’s on today? More fantastic landscapes. Today we will discover Theth and its surroundings : after visiting the village of traditional stone houses full of charm and the tower of isolation of the old vendetta we will continue our discovery of this region with its canyons and waterfall, from which is formed a natural water source called "the blue eye", natural sites of great beauty.

Night in a guesthouse in Theth.

Jour 7

The towns of Shkodra and Kruja

Shkodra, Krujë

We will head towards to other cities in Albania, Shkodra and Kruja, by a local minibus. Our first stop for today will be the city of Shkodra.

Founded more than 2000 years ago, Shkodra is one of the oldest cities. Shkodra is the perfect expamle of the harmony between the three main religions in Albania : Islam, Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

The city is home to the Great Mosque (built in 1995) and also a  Catholic cathedral , St Stephen's Cathedral, where Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass there during his visit in 1993.

You will also visit the Marubi Phototheque which has assembled an impressive collection of 150,000 photographs to explore the Balkans as they were between the nineteenth and twentieth century. The we join the Rozafa fortress. This fortress represents an Albanian legend and offers a breathtaking view of the city, rivers and sorroundings. 


Departure for the town of Kruja.  Kruja is known as the hometown of Skanderbeg, a 15th century Albanian leader, considered as our national hero for his fight against the Ottoman Empire. We will have the opportunity to learn more about this great leader by visiting the museum which was named after him, “Skanderbeg Museum”. The ethnographic museum is also an opportunity to discover the local culture, lifestyle and family traditions. Finally, we can visit the stalls of the old market located on a charming square with cobbled streets: ideal to pick some souvenirs !

Night in a 3* hotel in Kruja.

Jour 8



This is the last day of your trip to Albania!

One of our agents will accompany you to the airport according to your flight schedule.

We hope you had a great time during your visit and that you will come back to Albania one again!