10 reasons why you should trust us

agence-basee-en-albanie_0.pngAgency based in Albania

Ecotour Albania is DCM based in Tirana, the capital of Albania, so we perfectly where you can travel in order to get the most out of your holiday. Even if you want to travel in winter or summer we can arrange your trip according to your desires.


voyage-sur-mesure.pngTailor made journeys

We don’t only organize nice trips, but we can also customize them according to your needs, so that they meet the dates you are free for traveling. So we can “tailor” your trip and organize for you cultural, sportive or summer holiday journeys.


une-equipe-de-passionnes.pngA team of passionate people

Ecotour Albania is composed by a team of young but very professional people, which are specialized in the domain of tourism. We love our country and we would like it to show you and share with you our passion for tourism.


durabilite.pngSustainable objectives

We believe that tourism can be an economic developer without further damaging the visited country. We propose sportive walks or spending the night in a guesthouse (or stay at the habitant’s home) for a more authentic discovery. We have also developed some “green projects” like: development of tourism in the village of Rehove and Skanderbeg. Actually we are committed in creating an eco-touristic route from Pellumbas to Qerret.


voyage-en-toute-securite.pngA safe trip

Traveling with Ecotour means having a safe trip. One of our agents will be at your disposal even if you have chosen a guided trip or simply rented a car. There are two main formulas being offered: being accompanied by a tour guide who will help you with everything you may need or auto tour, where we will provide for you a car and a mobile telephone to contact us in case you need any help.


destination-preservee-du-tourisme.pngNot a mass tourism destination

It’s not frequent to travel to Albania. It may look strange but Albania has various touristic sites: the Albanian Alps are suitable for hiking; the beaches in the Riviera are perfect for relaxing, we have 13 National Parks, 3 UNESCO sites and many other interesting places that are not famous at all. Because of these sites, Albania makes a wonderful destination away from mass tourism. 


hebergement.pngAnd the accommodation?

Our team considers hotels and hosts as their partners. We believe in each other. That’s why we guarantee you a very comfortable accommodation and good quality reception.


economies.pngEconomic destination

European usually considers prices in Albania to be very low. A meal in a good restaurant may cost 10 Euros/person. There are also lots of aviation companies that propose direct flights to Tirana at affordable rates. There are no more excuses left! Come and visit Albania!


population.pngWelcoming people

As we previously said, Albania is not mass tourism destination yet, so in some villages or towns it very rare to meet foreigners. That’s why you will have the possibility to spend quality time with the inhabitants, meet them, see how they live and share with them this once in a lifetime experience.



What if we asked you why are you interested in visiting our country, what would you say?