Albanian Alps

12 days camping in the village of Theth


In June 2012 Ecotour Albania in collaboration with the Faculty of Recreation and Sport organized an activity named “Touristic activities in Albania”. This activity was organized in Theth for a period of 12 days as a part of the study curricula.

The village of Theth is located in the Albanian Alps. It is a special place because of its rich biodiversity and traditions. Visitors from different countries enjoy visiting this village.






The program of this activity was designed and developed by a group of professors of the University and by the staff of Ecotour Albania. An important part of the program was the training and sensitization of the students in terms of protecting the nature and environment. In this process the habitants of Theth was also involved. Some days were dedicated to the collection of garbage in the environment.


At the end of this activity the inhabitants thanked the students for their help and the students in return thanked the inhabitants for welcoming them.