Albanian Alps

Tourism development of the village of Rehove


Ecotour Albania in collaboration with Agrinas ER organized a training about tourism, especially tourist welcoming, to the inhabitants of Rehova.

This small village is situated south –east of the country, in the region of Erseka. Standing against the mountain of Gramoz, with a height of 2400 m, this village offers a spectacular view. This village is well known in the country for his handcrafts. This is the main reason why lots of tourists stop in this village. If you want to spend a night in this village you can only stay by the habitant.

Years ago a Dutch development organization made a study on the possibilities of tourism development in this village. Ecotour Albania has undertaken the initiative of developing this village.



It has two main objectives:

  • Train the habitants on how to welcome foreign tourism in their villagelarge_mise_en_tourisme_du_village_de_rehove2.jpg
  • Train the habitants about managing touristic flow in the future.



But the main objective of our agency was to make these inhabitants actors in the development of sustainable tourism in Rehova.

In 2013 we could see the fruits of this collaboration.