Albania at a Glance


Albania is a land of contrasts. Even though it’s not very big, the experiences vary from one city to the other. Different cities have their own traditions which are quite exceptional. These big differences are due to the lack of infrastructure. This isolation continued until the 20th century. Today not only foreigners but also Albanian themselves are curious to know about traditional music, dances, dresses, food and architecture from different cities in north or south.


Area = 28 748 km2

Capital city = Tirana

Population = 3 000 000 habitants (95% Albanian, 5% other minorities like Romanian, gypsies, Greeks, Macedonian and Serbian).

Population’s density = 95 habitants / km2   

Life expectancy = 80,3 (females); 82 (males)

Unemployment rate = 13%

Currency = lek (ALL)

Political system = Parliamentary Republic

GDP per capita = 4900 USD

Official language = Albanian (there is a big difference between the dialects of north and south, Geg and Tosc respectively)