Albanian Riviera

The French Riviera is well known by the foreign tourists, while the Albanian one is not very famous even though it has all the assets to offer you your dream vacations. If you are searching for authenticity, relaxation and beautiful beaches, the Albanian Riviera is a perfect destination for you.

The Albanian coast is 400 km long, starting from the Adriatik Sea to the Ionian Sea.

The Albanian Riviera extends a hundred kilometers between Vlora and Saranda. Once you pass the Llogora Neck the road to the south is breathtaking. The unspoiled coastline and the turquoise water gives you envy to dive in the sea.

This area is also has a very rich flora. Olive, oranges and lemon trees are found in this area. They welcome the first tourists since the month of May. Among the most famous beaches we can mention the villages of Dhermi, Jale, Himara, Borsh, Saranda and Ksamil.