Albania and the city of Berat are considered by Boston Globe as a touristic destination for 2016. The author of this article, Christopher Muther refers to Albania as an undiscovered gem.

The author describes the lack of infrastructure, the bad condition of roads, not a good public transport and the limited access on the internet.  But according to him these are the reasons why this country is worth visiting.

In his article he also mentions’ the beautiful Albanian Riviera, referring to it as breathtaking.

Description of the Boston Globe:

This is not a place for tourists in search of luxury, or for inexperienced travelers, but I can assure you that what you get for the price you pay is really great. If you are not sure about traveling there by your own, you can contact a travel agency. For many years Albania was an isolated country, but since the fall of the communist regime it is a well - known travel destination. In Albania you may notice lack of infrastructure, bad road conditions, not a good public transport and limited internet access. But exactly because of these you should visit this undiscovered gem. The beaches along the Riviera are breathtaking.

Direct flight? NO. Best time to travel to Albania? September.