“I survived Albania. If you don’t visit this place you are really missing out”.

It took an English cyclist, two months 5000 km and lots of other troubles to finally finish his adventure of cycling from London to Athens.

His journey was incredible as well as at times frustrating, but this guy made it. Despite all the difficulties during his trip he got to discover new places, one of them was Albania. He recorded his voyage to Albania and he posted his video on YouTube under the name “I survived Albania”. The cyclist, Yolo Nathan states that he discovered a wonderful place, perfect to travel by bike, especially because the streets are well maintained.    

In his Facebook page he writes as follows: I found out that Albania was a very safe place, the people are fantastic and it has the best streets of the world. Everybody kept telling me that it was dangerous to cycle in Albania. But I ignored their advice by continuing my trip in this wonderful country.



See Videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdc6djbDrE4



Source : http://yolonathan.com/cycle-route-across-europe/