Ecotour Albania charter

large_gjirokastra.jpgAlbania is not a famous country in Europe in spite of its rich historical and cultural inheritage. Also known as "the land of eagles" or "the bridge between West and East", Albania has contributed a lot to European history and culture from the Antiquity to nowadays. 

If you look past the years of Albanian history you may notice a history of wars and invasions. The strategic geographical position was sometimes favorable to Albania as several different civilizations have influenced its culture, and at other times unfavorable because these civilizations came as invaders.



In the early 90s the first waves of democracy began and the country left behind 50 years of communism and dictatorship. 
During the communist regime, tourism was considered a “society’s problem”, but nowadays it is one of the main contributors to economic growth.   



Tourism has contributed positively more than any other sector to the development of sites and corporations in the economical, cultural and social fields, but it can turn up to be quite dangerous if it is proposed in a non-responsible way.

Because of these reasons a group of young Albanians, trained and specialized in tourism development and communication had the idea of ​​creating a tourism agency, favoring ecotourism, responsability and sustainability . 


Ecotour Albania is committed in offering trips created in  responsible way, so that during your stay in our country you will play an important role in the preservation of nature and also the actions that are taken by various associations, national and international NGOs, hotels and restaurants that share the same vision as ours.

For this reason we suggest to : 

se_renseigner.jpg1.   Learn about the culture of our country.
-    through the internet, touristic guides.
-    give tips in relation to the living costs in Albania.

environnement.jpg2.   Discover and preserve the environment.
-    small daily actions can result in major factors to save the environment.
-    save electricity in hotels or places of accommodation. Although Albania is a country that produces its own energy, hydropower, it results to be insufficient for the whole country's needs.
-    avoid, if possible, taking or buying plastic bags or inorganic material while traveling, since Albania has problems recycling and managing waste.

economie_locale2.png3.   Respect the local Albanian culture.
-    learn a few phrases in Albanian, it will help you to build a respectful relationship with your hosts

-    respect the cultural heritage
-    remember to ask permission before taking pictures, and if possible send them to us when you return home !
-    nudity is not allowed in public places in Albania such as beaches, rivers and in the nearby residential areas.

economie_locale.png4.   Stimulate the local economy.
-    privilege local handcrafts to support the economy of the region you visit
-    eat local and contribute to protect local culinary expertise.

partage_shared2.png5.   Share your experience when you will be back to your country.
-   share that experience with your family, friends or acquaintances.

-   make an overview of the benefits you have taken from this trip
-   think if this way of travel suits you and if you had the feeling of being an actor in sustainable development of Albania.


Responsible travel is humanitarian travel. The world today needs more than ever in a humanitarian approach of the human being.

Roland Palushi