How to come in Albania

By air 

There's only one international airport in Albania, which is in Tirana, the capital city, called “Nënë Tereza" Airport (Mother Thereza) or more commonly Rinas Airport. It is located 17 km in the north of Tirana (about 25 min by car, depending on the traffic jam) 

There's also a bus that links the center of Tirana (from Rruga e Durrësit, next to the main square) to the airport, leaving each hour. Cost = 250 Lek (2 euros). Taxis costs around 20 / 30 euros one way.

Some of you may want to arrive through Corfu, but you may consider that it's barely possible to leave the island on the same day of your arrival there. Situated in front of the city of Saranda in the South, there are only 2 to 3 ferries in one day which links the two countries.


Contact :

Tel. 00 355 42 379 053 / 4 /

[email protected].

Office declaring losses Tel. 355 69 20 666 26.


By sea

You can also come to Albania by sea, through the ports of Durrës (linking Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Trieste in Italy and Koperin in Slovenia), Vlora, and Saranda.

Durres, Tel. 00 355 52 2202 8

[email protected]



Port of Saranda

Tel. 00 355 732 2734 / 0732 2734.

Services performed until 22:00 pm.

[email protected]


Port of Vlora (linking Brindisi and Otranto in Italy) Tel. 00 355 33 235 61 / 29 417,

Fax: 00 355 33 2941 7.

Services performed until 22:00 pm.

[email protected]

By land







All borders are open until 10 pm, except Gorica that is open until 7 pm.

Greece / Albania

  • Kakavija, Southern border with Greece, possible transportation from Gjirokastra.
  • Kapshtica, South-East bordern with Greece, from Korça.
  • Qafë Boti, next to Konispol (Saranda)
  • Tre Urat, from Përmet.


Montenegro / Albania :

  • Hani Hotit to get to Eastern Montenegro or further away Kosovo. Shkodra is the albanian closest city (100 km away, 2h30 driving)
  • Murriqan – Sukobina to drive towards the montenegrin coast and the first city after the border : Ulqin, reachable from Shkodra.
  • Trough Vermosh to get to Plava Gucia in Montenegro.


Macedonia / Albania :

  • Qafë Thanë to go northwards of Ohrid Lake, reachable from Elbasan and Përrenjas. Closest macedonian city : Struga.
  • Tushemisht to go southwards of Ohrid Lake, reachable from Pogradec. Closest macedonian city : Ohrid.
  • Through Goricë e madhe to get to Prespa Lake.


Kosovo / Albania

  • Qafë e Prushit (from Kukës) to get to to Gjakova (Kosovo).
  • Qafë e Morinës (from Kukës) to get to Prizren and then Prishtina (Kosovo).


You may be pleased to know that the infrastructure is quite well developped and functionnal in the Balkans. You can reach almost every city of the area departing from Albania.


Don't hesitate to send us an information request if you'd like to know how to arrive in Albania from a neighbor country.



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