Let’s Embrace Mother Nature to recover physically and mentally!

  As we collectively share such unusual times of being threatened by an invisible enemy, nature is doing what it does best: amazes us. Looking out of the window or balcony, we can see all the beautiful colors of spring and summer. The trees have blossomed, the air is clean and the high far away mountains invite us to join their rich life. 
Whether it is hiking from one alpine village to another or simply enjoying the breathtaking views of rivers, waterfalls and canyons, the Albanian nature will be the best medication you could take for both your mind and body.
Oh and the food is delicious! You will connect more with the locals and learn about the history and tradition while tasting fresh products and dishes. Raki will be a good company too.


© Armela Qafoku, Ecotour Albania











Wash the pandemic away!


Clear your mind & enrich your soul with a trip to Albania!

As we were impatiently waiting for winter to finally end and for summer to knock on our doors, we were taken by surprise by an invisible ‘guest’:


But, should we let it in only to shatter our dreams of a tanned body, mojitos under the sun and many more crazy adventures on the beautiful coast of Albania?


Jump out of the bed into the sea! It is challenging in this period to be positive and think of a bright future. But honestly, have you ever seen a brighter world as now? Mother Nature is welcoming us again and invites us to discover her beauty. One of them is called Albania!

Not to forget about all the extra treats you washed yourself with during quarantine that now have to go away. Yes, is the fat I am talking about. Get rid of it while joining some adventure activities such as kayak to hidden bays, cycling old villages with amazing views to the sea or even hike in national parks until you reach the cool crystal water of the Riviera.

This is what I’m talking about:


riviere albanaise

© Armela Qafoku, Ecotour Albania