The Six most consumed drinks in Albania

Raki :

This is the traditional Albanian drink and is also the most alcoholic drink consumed in Albania. Raki can be produced by almost every fruit. This drink can be consumed before or after the meals and sometimes even in the morning while having a coffee. The most well-known raki is the one of Skrapari. In certain regions like Korça, Pogradec or Diber the raki from plums is very famous. In the southern regions like Erseke or Leskovik, they produce the raki from berries.



The coffee is very important for Albanians and for their lifestyle. It’s in bars, instead of offices, where lots of deals are closed. Coffee can be also drunk at home. There it is served as Turkish coffee. While in bars the Italian express is the most frequent. It is consumed all day long.





large_glass-of-beer-412029_1280.jpgBeer :

The consumption of beer is also very big in Albania. There are some beers produced in Albania like: Tirana, a blonde beer with a sweet taste, Elbar, and the best of all, Korça, produced in the city with the same name. These beers can be easily found everywhere across the country as well as imported beers.





large_vin.jpgWine :

Whether your choice is white or red, you won’t be disappointed. The best are the merlot and the cabernet, and also some wines produced from local grapes such as the wines of Korça and Shkodra. In villages, it is common that families produce their own wine. Even though, this wine is bitter authenticity lovers will be delighted.




large_boza.jpgBozë :

This drink has 4 ingredients corn and wheat flour, sugar and water. The Albanian Bozë is slightly different from the Turkish, Bulgarian or Macedonian boza.





large_dhalle.jpgDhallë :

 It can be also considered like salty, liquid yogurt. It’s mainly consumed during the summer.

Whether they are drinking raki, wine or beer, usually they make a toast and say “Gezuar”, which means “Cheers”.