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Easters of Albania


We are famously known as a country of religious harmony and as such, we celebrate and pay our honors to every sacred day on the calendar, be it a Christian, Muslim, Orthodox, or Bektashi holiday. A couple of days ago, on March 22nd Albanians welcomed the first day of spring otherwise known as Nowruz, which also marks the Persian New Year. Interestingly enough, this celebration comes a week after the Pagan Summer Day, on March 14th. We do love holidays, don’t we?!

More on that matter, on April 4 we will enjoy dyeing eggs in different colors, decorating and hunting them to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Catholic Albanians will attend the services at the St. Paul Cathedral in Tirana and in all other catholic churches throughout the country. Catholicism is the second largest religion in Albania and Easter celebration is concentrated mostly in cities such as Tirane, Shkoder, Lezhe, Mirdite, and Durres.
While Christianity uses the Gregorian calendar, Orthodoxy has embraced the Julian one. Therefore, Easter is celebrated on a different date from the Catholic Easter and as the third major religion in Albania, Orthodox Easter is a holiday too. This year, Pashkët (from the word Pasque meaning Passover) will be celebrated on May 2nd, a month later from catholic Easter. In Tirana, services will be held at the Orthodox Cathedral and in the south and south-east part of the country namely in the cathedral of Korca and churches of Gjirokastra and Berat.
Nevertheless, festivities follow for the most part the same rituals. Red painted eggs are a symbol of the day, as well as colorful and decorated ones. Cracking them or going for a hunt is the interesting part of the celebration along with lamb meat, Easter bunnies, bread, presents, and family gathering. After all, Easter is a holiday of resurrection and new life and its most important purpose is to bring people together.

Happy Easters!


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Albania guest of honor in Christmas market of Brussels

The Christmas market in Brussels in December 2017 will have an extra jewel to decorate it’s Christmas tree, Albania.

Brussels’ square will be animated by all what is the best from Albania. In order to know this beautiful country, we invite you to visit the stands dedicated to Albania.

The agents of the tour operator Ecotour Albania will tell you more about the holidays, tours, itineraries, cultural tours and adventure offered by Albania. The trips organized by Ecotour Albania respects the charters of responsible and sustainable tourism. 

Direct contact with locals, authentic places, beautiful mountain and seaside landscapes are part of the menu of Ecoutor Albania.

White wine, red or sparkling; beer, olive oil, typical dishes, crafts, but also traditional dance shows: this is what the city of Tirana and Albania will be offering you during the “Winter’s pleasures” which will be held from the end of the month in the city center. The Albanian capital will be the guest of honor of this 17th edition. 

All of the above will be installed on the St. Catherine Square in front of the church. 

Mire se vini ne Shqiperi

Welcome to Albania.


Visit of Apollonia

Visite d'Apollonia

Climbing in Bovilla

Escalade à Bovilla

Visit of Butrint, UNESCO

Visite de Butrint, UNESCO

Hiking in Albanian Alps

Ranndonnée dans les Alpes Albanaises

Holidays in Albania

Vacances en Albanie

Berat, Unesco

Berat, Unesco

Travel to Albania, off the beaten track

Voyage en Albanie, hors des sentiers battus

Ski and snowshoeing in the Albanian Alps

Ski et raquettes dans les Alpes Albanaises

The six main things to do and visit in Tirana

Spend one night in “Blloku”.

During the communist regime of Enver Hoxha, the area of Bllok was only reserved for communist nomenclature of that time. After Hoxha’s death this neighborhood was opened and everybody was allowed to enter in the areas of Bllok.

Today it is not only a place where everybody meets to have a drink or eat something but it is also the most expensive neighborhood in Tirana. You can find there bars, restaurants, pubs and stores. This place is without doubt the best one if you want to experience the night life in Tirana.


Visit the Dajti Mountain by going there with the longest cable car of the Balkan.

    Dajti Mountain the perfect place to go, if you want to leave behind for one day or one afternoon the noisy Tirana. Just 30 minutes away from Tirana (and only for 30 lek = 0.21 cents), are located the cable cars of Dajti Express. During the way up to the mountain you can see really spectacular views if the city and surrounding areas. After arriving you decide whether you want to have a coffee, horse ride, have a walk or climb to the top.


Visit the National Historical Museum.  

Located in the center of Tirana, this museum is the biggest museum of the country. Those people who are eager to know the history of Albania and their people mustn’t miss the opportunity to visit this museum. Take also the time to see the marvelous mosaic on the museum, which shows how the Albanians made their way to the independence.


Take a coffee outdoor or on a terrace.

The coffee is very important for Albanians and for their lifestyle. It’s in bars, instead of offices, where lots of deals are closed.


Visit the catholic and orthodox cathedral and the Et’hem Bey Mosque.

These are the three main religious monuments in Tirana. The orthodox cathedral, the Catholic Church and the Mosque represents the three main religions in Albania. They are not difficult to visit since are located next to the Scanderbeg Square. Except the time of prayers, these monuments are open to the visit of tourists.


Take a “tour” on a second hand market (like Gabi).

Colorful, crowded and diverse, the "Gabi" are enthusiastic places. Ideal for lovers of second-hand goods of any kind. You will also find fruit and vegetable sellers, sunglasses sellers, tobacco, honey ... To sum up, we can find there almost everything!