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Mercedes choses Albania as the adequate place for its new advertisement

Mercedes choses Albania as the adequate place for its new advertisement

Albania is still an unspoiled country in Europe. This country has a very unique combination of blue turquoise sea and 2700 m high mountains. Its villages are small but very characteristic and its population welcoming and friendly. But because of its terrain, it is not easy to travel through Albania. There are a lot of areas which cannot be reached by car, but only on foot or horseback. That’s why Albania was the new scenery for Mercedes’ advertisement. Through a one day trip the Mercedes’ crew traveled about 75 km in the south of the country, through the Shushica valley. The journey started at the famous Albanian Riviera, with its breathtaking landscapes.

This could be considered as a both fun and business trip for Mercedes. The visited a region well known for its beauty, yet not visited by many. They also discovered an old caste and a mosque, an ideal place for a small break in order to rest and admire the marvelous view of the valley.

The driver of new Mercedes Benz GLE, Gunther Holzmann, knows Albania very well and he feels like home in this country. As he says: “We offroaders love nature as well as the people you meet in these last-remaining ‘wild’ places”.


Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXKkbLZ0Icg










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