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5 Villages Tour

Rrajce – Skenderbej – Lin – Hudenisht - Tushemisht

Jour 1



Today we arrive at Rrajca’s village. Once in Rrajce, you will have the opportunity to become more familiar with agricultural products and Agritourism will be the main topic of this day.

Something that might fuel your interest about this area, is the famous Battle of Domosdova, dating back to Skanderbeg’s period.

  • March duration = 2 hours
  • Overnight stay at the habitant’s house.
Jour 2

Rrajce - Shebenik National Park - Skenderbej

Rrajce, Shebenik, Skenderbej

After consuming our delicious breakfast, we will get ready to head in direction of the Shebenik National Park. This Park makes one of the biggest ones in Albania and it is very famous for its amazing landscapes and especially for the beech trees that surround a great area of this place and it’s classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Undoubtedly, this day is all about having a deep contact with nature. Furthermore, by visiting the botanical garden which is created and maintained by a team of albanian and german professionals, you will have the chance to learn and discover more about medicinal plants which are widely used in Albania.

Once finished in Shebenik, we will start our road again, now in direction of Skenderbej’s village. This village is widely known about the unique folklore and mastery of stone processing.

March Duration:

  • Rrajce – Shebenik National Park – Skenderbej = 4 hours
  • Elevation = 700m +
  • Distance = 9 km (Mule, horses)
  • Overnight Stay at the habitant’s house (They are very welcoming and known about their hospitality)
Jour 3

Skenderbej - Lin

Skenderbej, Lin

Today is a new day, and a new adventure waits for us. In the morning, we get ready to head in direction of Lin’s village. This day will be full of marching hours but don’t worry, you won’t even feel tired when you get to experience the amazing scenery that will accompany us during this time. Mountainous and lake scenery will be our friendly companions for the day.

After some walking hours, what will appear in front of us is the amazing Ohrid Lake. We will spend a night in Lin, which is located in the shores of Ohrid and we will get to learn more about this lake which is also part UNESCO World Heritage List. In this village, Muslim and orthodox communities coexist in fully harmony.

We will also visit the Mosaic of Lin which dates back to 5th century.

  • Skenderbej – Lin Duration by marching = 3:30 h
  • Elevation = 200 m +; 450m -
  • Distance (Mule;Horses) = 11 km
  • Duration : 2h 30m
  • Overnight stay in Lin.
Jour 4

Lin - Udenisht

Lin, Udenisht

After consuming our typical albanian breakfast, we will leave Lin in direction of Udenisht village. This day will be characterized by: Lake exploration and comments about the flora and fauna of this place that will help us expand our knowledge.

Furthermore, along the way to Udenisht we will get to see different kinds of birds which will make our road very pleasant.

The village of Udenisht is situated near Ohrid Lake and it offers such amazing views of the Galicia National Park in North Macedonia.

Once arrived in the village, we will have some moments of relax; a glass of Raki, traditional dishes and above all some warm conversations with the habitants of this village.

In the afternoon, if you want you can have a swim on the lake.

  • Kayak: Lin – Udenisht
  • Duration = 2 h
  • Distance = 11 km
  • Bike: Lin – Udenisht
  • Duration = 1h 20min
  • Distance = 10km
  • Overnight stay at the habitant’s house.